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CIMS 101: World Film History to 1945: Overview

Where can I stream it now?

Useful apps for Cinema & Media Studies


IMDb, the Internet Movie Database, for filmographies, casts, credits, showtimes, reviews, and watchlists for film and TV.

Letterboxd, a social network for film people with watchlists and reviews.

JustWatch or ReelGood, streaming search and watchlists.

Not available to stream? It happens.
Search for the DVD in Van Pelt 

Search Franklin for films and TV, streaming or as a DVD. Sometimes, even with access to many streaming platforms, for rights reasons, a DVD may be your only option.

Don't forget, DVDs can offer bonus essays, booklets, interviews, and extra content.


  • Search for a film: Franklin
  • To check out a DVD, write down the DVD number and request it at the Circulation Desk.

Van Pelt has DVDs of films that are rarely or not available from streaming services.

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Researching a Particular Film?

Film Index International - Coverage of U.S. and international films--European, Asian, Latin American, African, including scholarly and academic work, unlike Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
American Film Institute Catalog - American film information for the years 1893-1972

Cinema Studies Databases

Primary Sources

Moving Picture World cover

Hollywood, Moral Censorship, and the Motion Picture Production Code, 1927-1968 - MPAA Production Code Administration Files covering self-regulation and censorship in the motion picture industry.
Flinders MPPDA Digital Archive - Database of a subset of the MPPDA Files, 1922-1939, assembled as a project of Flinders University, Australia, and the Australian Research Council.
Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive - Covers Variety (1905-2000) and consumer and fan magazines such as Picturegoer (1911-1960) and American Film (1975-1992).
Moving Picture World - An influential early trade journal for the American film industry
Media History Digital Library - Archive of classic media publications covering the histories of film, broadcasting and sound. Features both film industry papers and fan magazines.



Variety - A major Hollywood industry trade magazine, Variety includes box office statistics and more.

Background Information

Oxford Bibliographies Online
Under Browse by Subject, select Cinema & Media Studies. There are overviews here on such topics as Censorship, Film Theory Before 1945, and Women in Film.

Oxford Dictionary of Film Studies
Defines terms and concepts in film theory and criticism, film movements and genres, film industry organizations and practices and  technical terms.