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Workshops available to support data management and to help researchers who work with data.


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Can't make one of the scheduled workshop sessions? Request one of the lsited workshops or a tailored workshop for your class/research group by emailing Margaret at

Data Fluencies Series

Don't Lose Your Data: Storage & Backup for Your Data
Learn about storage and backup best practices and why preservation and archiving might also be useful in ensuring access to your data for the long term. You'll leave knowing better habits for backing up and storing your data and understanding the differences between backup, storage, preservation, and archiving.

Documenting Your Data for Your Future
Learn how ReadMe files, code books, data dictionaries can help you make sense of your data in the future and how more formal metadata can be beneficial as well. You'll leave being able to decide which documentation practices exist, and which will work best for you, to describe your data better, and work more knowledgeably with metadata.

Keeping It All Together: File Management for Research
Learn about file naming and organization best practices and sustainable file types. You'll leave knowing best practices for naming and organizing files in ways that work for you.

Other People's Data: What Even Is This?
Learn about reusing and interpreting other people's data. You'll leave knowing how to look for an employ data documentation and do some basic data cleaning for reuse.

Data Visualization Best Practices
Learn about some basic things to keep in mind when creating visualizations of your data. You'll leave knowing how to make your visualizations accessible and more understandable.

Ethical Considerations When Working with Data
Hear some classic data horror stories about personally identifying information being shared and other unethical practices for data researchers. Learn how to avoid making the same mistakes.

Related Workshops

DMP Basics
Data management plans (DMPs) are becoming common requirements when applying for funding. This session will teach you what DMPs are asking of you, why they're more than a burdensome requirement, and how to follow the plan you create.

Data Management and LabArchives
Learn how to use LabArchives in ways that support data management. We'll go over ways to work in LabArchives to improve organization, backup, and permissions.

Data Management for Research Support Staff
Researchers often go to their research support units with questions about data management. This session will go over some best practices for data management to help research support staff address those questions. Attendees can bring the questions they hear most often and/or struggle the most with to the session to get tips for responding. 


Workshop Schedule


Our workshops can give you great advice for thinking about working with and organizing your and other people's data. Many important aspects of data use require a more personalized touch. Contact Margaret Janz or your subject specialist to set up a more focused workshop or a consultation about:

  • Depositing data in a repository
  • Filing naming and organization
  • Metadata and documentation
  • Backup and storage options
  • other!

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