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FEDS - Vet: Overview

What is FEDS?

What is FEDS?
The Faculty Expertise Database System is a database in which to enter biographical information that provides content for faculty and researcher webpages, CVs and the Vet School web directory.

General questions:
Carole Cloud

Photo questions:
For questions about profile headshots and adding images to your research expertise component, contact John Donges at

Data entry | New Bolton Center faculty:
Patricia Antes

Data entry questions | Uploading citations | PubMed link help:
Margy Lindem

Help With Your FEDS Record

FEDS Vet - login

Key points for your web directory record:

  • Enter contact information that you want to display in the Bio and Contact information screens. Use a departmental contact if you don’t want your personal telephone/email in the directory.
  • Enter any Penn Vet appointments in Penn appointments (faculty, hospital, graduate group, current fellowships)
  • Paste or type in expertise statements for your Research and/or Clinical areas  (use HTML for emphasis or links).
  • Use very short noun phrases to describe your clinical practice and research focus for the two FEDS Expertise fields used in the Faculty-Clinician directory (PV Clinical, PV Research).   Separate phrases with commas.
  • Try to upload publications from PubMed. The system ideally displays 10 publications; you can add more or fewer.


For a hands-on orientation to entering your own FEDS data, please email a copy of your cv to The library staff will review your cv to simplify your publication entry.




  • FEDS Vet Login
  • Video Tutorial for School of Medicine FEDS
    Note: The PSOM version of FEDS has a similar but slightly different interface. Most instructions still apply.


FEDS development has not kept up with changes to the databases used to import publications for faculty profiles. 

  • EndNote XML is the only reliable import format, but requires EndNote software. 
  • The PubMed XML format is only available in Legacy PubMed, which may be discontinued at the end of October 2020. 
  • The ISI Tab Delimited UTF 8 format works with some citations
  • The MEDLINE BRS format only imports titles