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Gender and Sexuality Studies: Introduction, Encyclopedias, Guides, and Bibliographies


Gender and Sex are thought to be distinct categories. Gender being a social construct; sex being a biological one. For the purposes of this guide they are brought together because reference sources often do so, and intellectually they are often in dynamic tension with each other in many disciplines. This guide is meant to be used with the one for women's studies. 

The library catalog uses various relevant subject terms to describe gender and sexuality concepts. The following list is suggestive. 

Bible and Feminism
Gender Identity
Grammar, Comparative and General--Gender
Queer Theory
Sex--Cross-Cultural Studies
Sex Discrimination
Sex Roles
Women's Studies

Encyclopedias and Guides

iO Tillett Wright: Fifty shades of gay

Photographer iO Tillett Wright explores gender and sexuality as a spectrum

Black and White image of Mae West in a long gown and wearing a head piece

Mae West (1893-1980) - American film actress, playwright, screenwriter, singer, and sex symbol

Oxford Bibliographies

Oxford Bibliographies are topical bibliographies expertly curated by scholars. They list major works on their subjects with annotations to guide readers beginning their research. 

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