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History of Journalism in China: Home

Contents and full text of Fang Hanqi's History of Journalism in China

History of Journalism in China

A History of Journalism in China is a 10 volume set by Fang Hanqi that covers the development of journalism in China from 200 BC to 1991.

You can access a pdf of each of the volumes by clicking the links below.


Volume 1:

Chapter 1 Journalism in Ancient China
Chapter 2 The Early Publishing Activities of Foreigners in China
Chapter 3 The Beginning of the Chinese Publishing Newspapers


Volume 2:

Chapter 4 Journalism During the Reform Period
Chapter 5 Journalism During the Brewing of Revolution


Volume 3:

Chapter 6 Journalism Around the 1911 Revolution
Chapter 7 Journalism in the Early Republic Period of China


Volume 4:

Chapter 8 Journalism in the May Fourth Movement
Chapter 9 The Founding of the Communist Party in China and Journalism During 1924-1927
Chapter 10 The CPC's Journalism During the Chinese Civil War


Volume 5:

Chapter 11 Kuomintang Journalism During the Ten-Year Civil War
Chapter 12 Private Journalism During the Ten-Year Civil War
Chapter 13 Journalism in the KMT-Controlled Areas During the Anti-Japanese War


Volume 6:

Chapter 14 Journalism in the Anti-Japanese Base Area During the Second Sino-Japanese War
Chapter 15 Journalism in the Japanese-Occupied Areas and the Shanghai International Settlement During Second Sino-Japanese War
Chapter 16 Anti-Japanese Propaganda in Journalism in Hong Kong and Overseas Chinese Anti-Japanese Periodicals
Chapter 17 Journalism in the Kuomintang-Controlled Areas During the Second Chinese Civil War


Volume 7:

Chapter 18 Journalism in the Liberated Areas During the Second Chinese Civil War
Chapter 19 Gargantuan Changes in Journalism in China
Chapter 20 Journalism Since the Foundation of the PRC, 1949-1956


Volume 8:

Chapter 21 Journalism in the Period of the Construction of Socialism (January 1957-May 1966)
Chapter 22 Journalism in the Cultural Revolution (May 1966-October 1976)


Volume 9:

Chapter 23 Journalism During the New Era of Socialist Modernization (October 1976-1991)


Volume 10:

Chapter 24 Journalism in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau (1949-1990s)


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