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GRMN 0012 Jews and China

German 0012-401 / Jewish Studies 0012-401 Jews and China: Views from Two Perspectives (Hellerstein) Fall 2023

Chinese Studies Librarian

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Anna-Alexandra Fodde-Reguer
551.1 Van Pelt Library

Library Resources-the basics

There are many libraries on Penn's campus. Most of the books for this class can be found in Van Pelt-Dietrich library or the Katz Center for Advanced Judaica but you will also be visiting the Kislak Center to take a look at some rare materials.  All of the libraries share the same catalog, Franklin, so begin your research there by searching for some key terms such as "China AND Jews".



Photograph of a street in China, circa 1910

Picture of East Market Street in Kaifeng in 1910. The Synagogue was off to the right of the stores on the right side. The stele of 1489 mentions that the Kaifeng was at the intersection of Earth Market Street and Fire God temple lane. Pic from Vol. 2, p. 18 of Chinese Jews (1966) by Bishop William Charles White. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to your guide to Jews and China (GRMN 0012 and JWST 0012). This guide is meant to help you with your paper assignment. Navigate the tabs to determine which part of your research journey you are on. 

Books assigned for this class

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