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Photoshop: Layers

Workshop Description

In this fast-paced class, we will introduce and explore one of the most fundamental yet powerful features in Photoshop -- Layers, which allow you to edit your images in a nondestructive way, isolate areas of your images for specific adjustments, repair damage, correct & enhance colors, fix problems in composition, and more, all while retaining as much flexibility and editability as possible. We will examine the Photoshop Layers palette, adjustment layers, layer masks, and tricks for organizing complex files. This class assumes a working knowledge of Photoshop basics.

Learning Objectives
In this workshop you will learn:
  • What layers are and why they are useful
  • How to use the Layers palette
  • How to create, move, reorder, and rename layers
  • About layer opacity
  • About different types of layers, such as the background, normal layers, and adjustment layers.
  • About layer masks
  • How layers can improve the usefulness of other Photoshop tools like the clone stamp and healing brush

Workshop Materials

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