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Poetry: Overview

Poetry E-Resources by Genre

Illustration of books standing up with lamp in front

Illustration from The year's at the spring; an anthology of recent poetry (1920); Image courtesy The Internet Archive.

These databases, arranged by chronology and/or genre, are useful for exploring poetry in historical and cultural context.

Scholarly Databases

These databases will help you find scholarly articles about your topic

Poetry Dictionaries & Encyclopedias Online

Glosseries of poetry terminology -- such as meter, stanza, or spondee -- as well as poetry forms, such as the ballad or villanelle.

Poetry Out Loud

Special Collections in Poetry & Literature

The Penn Libraries feature many poetry-related resources and special collections -- not all of which are available online.

Poetry Resources at the Library

General Poetry Resources

Resources for Writers

Looking to publish or poems, or learn more about how to do so? Perhaps interested in applying to an MFA, or writing competition? These resources can help.

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