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Dr. Prinz's History of Dentistry Lecture: Home

Prinz, H. (1945). Dental chronology: a record of the more important historic events in the evolution of dentistry. Philadelphia: Lea & Febiger.Prinz, H.


This Dental Chronology is the answer to innumerable questions 
asked of the author by his students through the last twenty-five
years, during which he has taught dental history to the senior classes
in the Evans Dental Institute, University of Pennsylvania. Usually
near the end of each course some students would approach the lec-
turer to ask if he could recommend to them a small book for refer-
ence, containing the dates of the important events as discussed by
him, and the names of the various persons mentioned during the
course. He could not recommend any such book, because there
was none to his knowledge to be had. But he promised that some
time in the near future he would write one, if there was still a need
for it. Owing to many pressing duties during his active term as a
full time teacher, he was unable to fulfill his promise at an early
date. In the meantime, numerous notes had accumulated, await-
ing proper classification. Many explanatory short notes, which
ordinarily are not found in the standard books on dental history,
and short references to the latest textbooks, have been added for
further elucidation. These notes form the basis of this small volume.
The book does not make a pretence of serving as a substitute for
a competent history of dentistry. Its sole purpose is to serve as a
guide to the student during his lecture course.
The art of dentistry requires an intimate understanding of its
numerous mechanical devices, as employed in the routine of a
busy practice; therefore, a clear comprehension of their proper
application is essential to obtain the desired results. While these
devices are naturally not described in a book on chronology of
dentistry, nevertheless the date of their introduction and the names
of their inventors are usually given to serve for further reference.



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