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SciENcv: Home

SciENcv Overview

Notice: The National Science Foundation (NSF) requires the use of SciENcv for the preparation of biosketches and current or pending support docuements for new proposals submitted or due on or after October 23, 2023. Before the implementation date, proposers may continue to prepare and submit the document using SciENcv or the existing NSF fillable PDF. 

Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae (SciENcv) is an electronic system in My NCBI that allows researchers to collect professional accomplishment information necessary for participation in the United States federally funded research. The information it collects includes expertise, employment, education, and professional achievements. NIH eRA Commons, NSF, and ORCID account holders can link their accounts to My NCBI to populate their SciENcv profiles with information from their eRA, NSF, or ORCID accounts. By allowing the researcher to add this information once to the SciENcv system, it reduces the burden of having to input information multiple times for different systems. 

SciENcv supports the creation of: 

Once you have completed filling out your documents in SciENcv, they can be exported in a funder compliant PDF version of the format. Save this document and submit it as part of the proposal. 

SciENcv Features

SciENcv has many features to support user success, such as: 

  • Allowing the creation and storage of multiple biosketches 
  • Granting a designated delegate access to an account, including creating, modifying, or deleting information
    • Investigators must certify and download the documents from SciENcv themselves, this cannot be delegated. 
  • Giving the researcher the ability to maintain, edit, and having ultimate control over data in forms
  • Allowing researchers to choose if their biosketch is public or private

ORCID Connection to SciENcv

ORCID is a nonprofit that provides researchers with a unique digital object identifier (DOI) to help disambiguate between identities and allow for a way to identify an individuals scholarly works. Connecting an up to date ORCID account to SciENcv speeds up the process of creating a document as it can pre-populate fields by pulling from ORCID. 

Create a new SciENcv account with ORCID: 

Go to the SciENcv login page and choose the "More Options" button. Click ORCID and through your login with your ORCID account it will lead you through creating a SciENcv account that is linked to ORCID. 

Add an ORCID account to your existing NCBI account:

Log into SciENcv and click on your profile in the top right hand corner. Choose "Account Settings" from the drop down menu. In your Account Settings, find the Linked Account settings and click on the "Change" button. Search for ORCID within the available partner accounts. Once you choose it, SciENcv will send you over to the ORCID sign in page. 

Pre-populate SciENcv document using ORCID:

Log in to SciENcv and go to create a new SciENcv document. At the "Choose data source" field, choose ORCID from the External Source drop down menu. The system will pull information from your linked ORCID account and pre-populate your SciENcv document. You will want to review the information it added as it will not fill in all fields and some parts may need to be edited. 

Delegating SciENcv Access

To add a delegate: 

  1. Sign into your SciENcv account 
  2. Click on your username and choose "Account Settings"
  3. In the Delegates section, you can add a delegate by entering their email address. 
  4. The system send an email invitation to the delegate that they should accept
    1. Delegates will need to have their own SciENcv account to sign in and then be able to access the delegated document

SciENcv Contact

Wondering who to contact regarding a SciENcv question? 

For technical issues or question with the functioning of SciENcv, contact the NIH Biosketch team at or the NIH Help Desk at

For questions about adding information or complying with requirements regarding the SciENcv system, contact the University of Pennsylvania's Office of Research Services (ORS) at You can also filter the ORS Team Directory by school or organization to view staff assigned to your group. 


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