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CBE 459: Senior Design Project - Course Guide: Overview

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Finding Information for Your CBE Senior Design Project

Welcome to the library!  These are some resources that will help you with your CBE 459 Senior Design projects.

We have broken the resources into collections of related material.  They are:

  • Background Information: Books and encyclopedias to give you a good idea of the general landscape of research in your area
  • Journal Articles, Patents, and Standards: Tools for locating primary source materials, which report experimental procedures, results, and specifications
  • Chemicals, Properties, and Reactions: Use these sources to search for all things chemical
  • Hazards, Safety, and Regulatory Information: A selection of materials to help you find supporting information for your proposed design
  • Other Useful Information: Important resources that didn't fit into the other categories
  • Managing and Formatting Your References: Tools that will make it easy for you to create and format bibliographies

Remember that we are here to help!  We've given you our contact information and the contact information of our libraries.  Please don't hesitate to use it!

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Subject Guide

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