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Penn Ezra Pound Conference 2017: 2017 Theme

EPIC 2017, the Ezra Pound International Conference, Philadelphia Genius & Modern American Poetry, will be convened in June at UPenn's Kislak Center with discussions of William Carlos Williams, Hilda Doolittle, & Marianne Moore, as well as Pound

 EPIC 2017 Page Logo    Ezra Pound, Philadelphia Genius, and Modern American Poetry

Theme for 2017

The main theme of the conference – Philadelphia Genius – will explore
the relation of the poet of genius to the City of genius and to the University.

The 2017 EPIC conference will provide an opportunity to explore Pound’s lifelong friendships with Billy, Hilda, and Marianne, all educated in or near Philadelphia in the same decade, as well as with the many artists and innovators they admired. Philadelphia as the cradle, catalyst, and crucible of many arts and sciences, and of countless political and civic firsts, is widely recognized, but not its role as a nursery for four young geniuses of modern American poetry, with Pound as the leader.