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Penn Ezra Pound Conference 2017: Contacts

EPIC 2017, the Ezra Pound International Conference, Philadelphia Genius & Modern American Poetry, will be convened in June at UPenn's Kislak Center with discussions of William Carlos Williams, Hilda Doolittle, & Marianne Moore, as well as Pound

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Organizing Committee

- Walter Baumann, University of Ulster
- John Gery, University of New Orleans
- David McKnight, University of Pennsylvania
- Emily Mitchell Wallace, Bryn Mawr College

Penn Faculty Liaison:
Professor Jean-Michel Rabaté, University of Pennsylvania

Conference Administrative Assistant:
Anne Malcolm, Ph.D Candidate, University of Pennsylvania

- Massimo Bacigalupo, University of Genoa
- Walter Baumann, University of Ulster
- Diana Collecott, University of Durham
- Siegfried de Rachewiltz, Brunnenburg
- John Gery, University of New Orleans
- Alan Golding, University of Louisville
- David Moody, University of York
- William Pratt, Miami University of Ohio
- Caterina Ricciardi, University of Roma Tre

Information / Informazione / 情報

Conference secretary
(Secrétaire de conférence / Segretaria conferenza / 会議幹事)
John Gery
Department of English
University of New Orleans
2000 Lakeshore Drive
New Orleans, LA 70148 USA

Local organizers
(Organisateurs locaux / Organizzatori locali / 地元の主催者)
Van Pelt Library, 6th Floor
3420 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104 USA

Website Credits

Web Designer: Dennis Mullen, Kislak Center

Web Updates: Anne Malcolm, University of Pennsylvania

Aldus Dolphin Animation: Laura Aydelotte, Kislak Center

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