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Equipment Lending in the Penn Libraries: Overview


Penn Libraries provides a variety of items for patron use. Some items can be checked out for use anywhere and some items are for use only within our facilities. Some locations lend multimedia equipment such as video cameras, microphones, phone and laptop chargers, and audio recorders.  Please check each location for details.


Items such as headphones and laptop locks are available at several locations.

Phone and Laptop Chargers

Biomedical Library:

  • 1 iPhone 5 charger (compatible with iPod touch 5th gen., iPod nano 7th gen., iPad 4th gen., iPad mini)
  • 1 iPhone 3-4 charger (compatible with iPod touch 2nd-3rd gen., iPod nano 4th-6th gen., iPad 1st-3rd gen)
  • 2 USB micro phone chargers

Education Commons:

  • 16 Mac chargers

Veterinary Library:

  • 1 iPhone 4 charger
  • 1 iPhone 5/6 charger
  • 1 Mac magsafe 2 charger

Vitale Digital Media Lab (Weigle Information Commons):

  • 5 Lightning (iPhone 5 and newer) chargers
  • 3 30-pin (iPhone 4 and older) chargers
  • 4 Mac magsafe 2 chargers (for most MacBooks without a CD drive)
  • 3 Mac magsafe 1 chargers (for most Macbooks with a CD drive)
  • 2 USB micro phone chargers (for most non-Apple phones)

Please check each location's page for updates and details.

Types of Equipment

Examples of equipment include: