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3D Printing in the Bollinger Digital Fabrication Lab, Biotech Commons (3D@TheLibrary): Acknowledgements

We need your help!

To continue providing 3D printing services to the Penn community for free, we must demonstrate the value of the service through our users' stories.  You can help by acknowledging us in any publicity related to the 3D prints, including social media posts, manuscripts, posters, and more.  

Please use the text below in formal publications (manuscripts, posters).  If posting on social media, mention the Biotech Commons.  Don't forget to email us a link to the post/paper/publication ( or 

No publicity? No problem! Just send us your story and tell us how the 3D printing service has helped your work! 

Sample acknowledgement text

3D printed object printed courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania Libraries' Biotech Commons.


When design assistance was provided, please acknowledge as follows: 

3D printed object printed courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania Libraries' Biotech Commons with design consultation