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WSII: Total Impact Portfolio Challenge: Resources at participating schools (not Penn)

Library resources to support students participating in the Total Impact Portfolio Challenge.


Librarians at your school are willing to help! Please contact them with questions about access to resources. Linked below are guides, which may assist you in getting started.

Participating Colleges and Universities - links to your resources

Bard College

Databases:  Economics and Finance

University of Arkansas

Business Databases by Subject


Boston University

Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility

Financial Databases Overview

Investing Research Guide

University of California, Berkeley

Business Database Finder:  Financial Markets

Venture Capital/Private Equity

Boston College

Economics:  Financial Data


University of Chicago

Guide:  Entrepreneurship and Innovation



Business Resources Recommended by Mann Library

University of Colorado, Boulder

Guide:  Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Guide:  Financial Research


Business Databases by Subject

University of Denver

Guide:  Finance Research

El Paso Community College

Business Research Resources:  Databases and Articles

University of Maryland

Resources by Topic:  Finance and Investing

Emory University

Finance Resources

Sustainability, ESG and CSR

University of Michigan

Guide:  Finance

Guide:  Social Entrepreneurship


Guides: Business Resources

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Guide:  Social Lean Canvas


Databases:  Finance

University of Rochester

Guide:  Stocks and Investments

Harvard Business School

Guide: Finance Markets

Guide:  Corporate Governance

University of Southern California

Guide:  Business Ethics and CSR

Guide:  Financial Databases Guides

Howard University

Business Databases

University of Vermont

Guide:  Business Research Assistant

New York University

Guide: Finance and Financial Data

Guide:  Social Entrepreneurship

University of Virginia

Guide:  Business

Thomas Jefferson University

Business Databases

University of Washington

Guide:  Finance