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Writing Studies

What is Writing Studies?

This guide is intended as a resource for those who are interested in the broad field of writing studies, including rhetoric, writing instruction, academic and professional writing, digital media, and literacy. Interdisciplinary in nature, with scholarship on writing now being done by a broad range of fields, most particularly rhetoric/composition, education, linguistics, and psychology, the primary focus in this current guide is mainly on the research being done on writing, rhetoric, and writing instruction in the field of composition/rhetoric.

Subfields in Writing Studies

  • Academic Writing
  • Basic Writing
  • Classical Rhetoric
  • Community, Civic, and Public Rhetorics
  • Histories of Rhetoric and Composition
  • Language and Literacy Studies
  • Information Technologies
  • Professional and Technical Communication
  • Research Methods in Rhetoric and Writing Studies
  • Rhetorics of Science, Health, and Medicine
  • Theoretical Approaches to Rhetoric and Writing
  • Writing Center Studies
  • Writing Pedagogies and Processes
  • Writing Programs
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