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Anatomage at Holman Biotech Commons

Case Library

The Case Library can be accessed by selecting the "Case Library" tab under the Anatomage main menu. The Case Library is a collection of 1000+ MRI and CT scans of humans with various conditions. The cases are sorted by both sections of the body and by medical specialty. There is also a section containing segmented scans that are more interactive and allow the user to explore the effect that the condition has on the anatomy of the individual. 

The Case Library section also contains an "Other" tab. This tab contains various sections that support the learning provided by the Case Library. For example, there is a section containing segmentation of animals such as a dog, cat, and frog. These scans are intended to supplement the learning provided in the Case Library.

Fundamentals of the Case Library

Presentation containing an overview of the Case Library feature, use-case scenarios of the Anatomage Table, and examples of actual class assignments based on the Anatomage Case Library.  

Case Library Training

Case Library Descriptions

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