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Audio Recording and Editing: Equipment

Resources for creating audio projects, from simple recordings to more complex files.

About the Equipment Lending Program

WIC's equipment lending program provides free, three-day checkouts of a variety of multimedia production gear. Several types of microphones and audio recorders are available for audio projects. Staff members in WIC's Vitale Digital Media Lab are available for consultation on how to begin using the equipment.

Please note that equipment must be reserved in advance, and can be taken out for only three days at a time. Late borrowers incur a late fee.


Lab-Only Equipment

Some equipment can only be used while working within the Vitale Digital Media Lab. For audio equipment, the iPad and Logitech USB headsets are two such examples. 

MIDI keyboardStudents can use an iPad while in the lab to familiarize themselves with apps, including the GarageBand mobile app. For faculty interested in borrowing multiple iPads for class use, please see WIC's iPads in the Classroom program.

USB headsets can be used to listen to or record audio with high quality results. See the WIC website for full instructions on how to set up the USB headset.