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Adobe Illustrator Essentials Guide: Text


  • Activate the ‘Text Tool’ in the toolbar to the left. Simply click on the artboard to add some text. A small line of “place holder” text should appear and can be replaced.

    • The ‘Text Tool’ is great for titles and headlines

  • To add a paragraph of text, select the ‘Text Tool’ and click and drag to make a text box. By clicking and dragging the text will wrap to fit within the box.

  • With the text highlighted you can start typing to add your own text.

  • To move and resize the text select the ‘Selection Tool (V)’ and edit it as you would a shape.

  • To keep the text dimensions the while using the ‘Selection Tool’ to resize press and hold the ‘Shift Key

Text Box

You can also change the font and font size in the ‘Properties Panel’ to the far right of the document.

To change the color of the text double click the ‘Fill Color’ and apply color like you would to a shape