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West Coast Farmworker Movement: Home

Guides to sources and the literature



Government Documents and legal sources

Civil Rights & Organizational Papers

Other: oral histories, video, special collections

-Farmworker Movement Documentation Project

-Border Patrol Oral Histories

-Bracero Archive

-Bracero Oral History Project (contains transcripts of many interviews that are only available as sound files in the Bracero Archive)

-El Teatro Campesino Video Archive

-Online Archive of California:
This allows you to do global searches of research libraries in California.  You can narrow your search to digital materials.  They have material ranging from images from the Royal Chicano Air Force Archives to videos from Teatro Campesino

-Primary sources from Miriam Pawel’s website accompanying her book The Union of Their Dreams

Welga Digital Archive, Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies, UC Davis

-Memoirs, oral histories, poetry, and other published book-length primary sources in Franklin

Carlos Bulosan, America is in the Heart

Carey McWilliams, Factories in the Field

LeRoy Chatfield, To Serve the People

Craig Sharlin, Lilia Villanueva, and Elaine H. Kim, Philip Vera Cruz

Manuel Buaken, I Have Lived with the American People

Dorothy Ray Healey, California Red

Ernesto Galarza, Barrio Boy

Ernesto Galarza, Merchants of Labor

Ernesto Galarza, Farm Workers and Agri-business in California

Ernesto Galarza, Kodachromes in Rhyme

Ernesto Galarza, Man of Fire

Ernesto Galarza, Spiders in the House and Workers in the Field

Ernesto Galarza, Labor in Latin America

Ernesto Galarza, Strangers in our Fields

(Ernesto Galarza was a prolific author, and students can explore his other writings, as well)

Robert J. Jensen and John C. Hammerback, eds., The Words of Cesar Chavez

Rolas de Aztlán: Songs of the Chicano Movement [sound recording]

Eyewitness: A Filmmaker's Memoir of the Chicano Movement [film]

-The US National Archives contains material on literally everything -- the problem is that the catalog is not well organized.  But you can search for anything and find digitized documents here.

-The Library of Congress also has a huge variety of digitized archival material, including Voices of the Dustbowl (migrant worker materials, 1940-1941)

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