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ARTH 281 : Modern Architecture II

Sources Found

These are sources found while keyword hunting in Google and provide a transition from that Google search to more academic and trade publications.


Air-Conditioned Glass Buildings in the Mid-Twentieth Century” in Air-Conditioning in Modern American Architecture, 1890-1970 by Joseph Siry

Architectural Guide to the Netherlands: 1900-2000 by Paul Groenendijk and Piet Vollaard

Architecture, Politics, & Identity in Divided Berlin by Emily Pugh

Berlin Modern Architecture : Exhibition Catalogue by Gernot & Johanne Nalbach

Chicago Architecture after Mies” by Ross Miller in Critical Inquiry

Flashback: Mies van der Rohe Profoundly Reshaped Chicago’s Skyline with his Structurally Austere Vision” by Ron Grossman in the Chicago Tribune

Les Grands Projets: An Overview” by Emile J. Biasini in RSA Journal

A Guide to the Architecture of St. Louis by Frank Peters and George McCue

Guide to Chicago’s Twenty-first Century Architecture by John Hill

Inventing Berlin : Architecture, Politics and Cultural Memory in the New/Old German Capital Post-1989 by Mary Dellenbaugh-Losse

Johannesburg Transition : Architecture & Society from 1950 by Clive Chipkin

A Less-is-More Restoration of a Mies House Expands Our View of a Little-Known Episode in the Famed Architect's Career” by Blair Kamin in the Chicago Tribune

Metabolism: The Proposals for a New Urbanism (this title can be requested through Resource Sharing)

Metabolism in Architecture by Kisho Kurokawa 

The Metropolis of Tomorrow by Hugh Ferriss

Pavillon de Lyon à l'exposition internationale des Arts décoratifs et industriels modernes (1925) architectural drawing by Tony Garnier

A Re-Appraisal of Mid-Century American Architecture” by Fello Atkinson in the Journal of the Royal Society of Arts

The Rise and Fall of Mid-Century Modern in St. Louis” on Nine PBS

San Francisco : architecture of the San Francisco Bay Area : a history & guide (this title can be requested through Resource Sharing)

San Francisco architecture : the illustrated guide to over 1000 of the best buildings, parks, and public artworks in the Bay Area by Sally B. Woodbridge and John M. Woodbridge

San Francisco Preservation Bulletin No. 18

South Africa, Greece, Rome : Classical Confrontations by Grant Parker