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CIS 4980: Senior Capstone Project: Articles, Patents, & Tech Reports

Resources to support CIS Senior Capstone Project course.

Technical Reports

Technical reports are generally unpublished papers that form a particularly large body of computer science literature due to the need for rapid dissemination in this field.  Much of this material does NOT undergo peer review so it should be carefully evaluated when used.  Here are a few sites to be aware of:

More Information About Journal Articles

Journal and Conference Papers

Journal articles can help you delve deeper into your topic than books and encyclopedias.  Review articles will give you an overview of the state of a field over a period of time (pay attention to the publication date; they go out-of-date quickly).  Research articles tell you exactly how a scientist performed his or her experiments and interpreted the results.

These resources help you find journal articles in various fields related to your projects.


Companies tend to file for patents instead of publishing in journals because a patent grants the holder exclusive use of the technology described for a set period of time (usually 20 years).  60-80% of material in the patent literature is published nowhere else.  It is important for a company to understand the scope of protected technology to know in which areas they can freely operate.

These patent resources are available at Penn.

More Information About Patents

These guides provide you with more in-depth information about various types of literature.