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SWRK 730: Community Mapping: 2010 Census

How to create community maps using U.S. Census data.

2010 Census Overview

The 2010 Census, or Decennial Census, collected data from all U.S. households on:

  • Sex
  • Hispanic/Non-Hispanic
  • Age
  • Household Relationships
  • Race
  • Housing Tenure (own or rent)

It did not collect data on socioeconomic, occupational, or educational topics previously gathered from the Census Long Form; for this see the American Community Survey.

The Decennial Census provides the greatest level of geographic detail, down to the census block level.

Census 2010 data is available to the public in the form of tables, which are grouped into collections called summary files.  For example, Summary File 1 Table P1 is the table of total population.

Census geography hierarchy

Further Reading

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