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Digital Data Security and Privacy: Home


The pages in this guide gather resources around digital privacy as it relates to the protection (or lack thereof) of personal information gathered from an individual's digital activities and behaviors. While malicious hacking by "lone wolves" or small cohorts is a concern to digital privacy advocates and scholars, the greater focus of these resource pages is on commercial and governmental surveillance and surrounding civil rights considerations. The guide includes links to important books, journals, and films around these topics. There is also a section highlighting major legislation on privacy in the computer age. The Privacy/Reputation Management page includes resources on ways individuals can protect themselves from online threats and general unwanted tracking.

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Key words

algorithm transparency

biometric data

browser history

cyber attacks

cyber security


data collection

data security

digital footprint

digital medical records

digital transactions

disposal rule


electronic surveillance

encrypted data

false identity

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

identity theft

information privacy

internet of things

internet surveillance

online reputation management

online security

online surveillance

surveillance cameras


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