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South Asia foreign relations: Searching Franklin Catalog for South Asia foreign relations


The Penn Libraries have an enormous collection on South Asia, and searching for the right book on your topic will usually overwhelm you. These tips will help you tackle Franklin Catalog, the Penn Libraries book catalog.

HINT #1 : Use Franklin's "Advanced Search" (tab) or "Keyword Expert" (dropdown) searching.

Searching for foreign relations books is pretty straightforward and there's no need for super-special tricks OR for doing overly-simple "relevance" keyword searching.

HINT #2 : The power of "Subject Heading Keyword" (dropdown) searching.

You will usually want to search for words that appear in Franklin subject headings. Selecting "Subject Heading Keyword" from the search-type dropdown list restricts searching to occurrences in subject headings. "Subject Heading Keyword" helps in South Asian studies searching by filtering out non-subject occurrences of a word: think about how many of our books in all topics have been published in India and Pakistan!

Know your geography

If a book is generally about a country, the country's name will appear in its subject headings. Books generally about relations between two countries will include both country names. Two Library of Congress Subject Headings examples:

India--Foreign relations.
India--Foreign relations--China.


If your country name has changed over time, know those names! "Keyword Expert" (dropdown) or "Advanced" (tab) searching makes combining these quasi-synonomous terms easy - AND DON'T FORGET THE "or"!

subject:(russia or "soviet union") [Keyword Expert]
subject:("east pakistan" or bangladesh) [Keyword Expert]


Think regionally, too. Books about more than one South Asian country will get a "South Asia" subject heading, with perhaps a couple country-name subject headings, too.


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Know your relations

There's a rich variety of subject heading subdivisions describing relations between countries. They include:

foreign relations foreign relations administration
foreign economic relations economic sanctions
international relations international economic relations
national security military policy
borderlands border security
boundaries boundary disputes
military assistance  
economic assistance economic development projects
agricultural assistance agricultural development projects
industrial development projects rural development projects
educational assistance medical assistance
population assistance international relief
humanitarian assistance food relief
technical assistance tied aid
disaster reliefdrought relief
earthquake relieftsunami relief
war relief
cultural relations ethnic relations
social relations educational exchanges
intellectual cooperation  
emigration and immigration visitors, foreign
assisted emigration brain drain
frontier workers repatriation
forced migration refugees
return migration immigrants
commercial policy commerce
free trade tariff
investments, foreign foreign exchange
debts, external debt relief


Consider this "Keyword Expert" search:
subject:(assistance OR "development projects" OR relief) AND subject:(bangladesh)

Special material formats

Franklin Catalog uses special subject heading subdivisions to indicate that books contain special kinds of material. There are several Penn Library Web research guides offering help on finding diaries and personal narratives, speeches and transcripts, and travel narratives. Try keyword expert searches using these subject terms:

sources personal narratives
diaries speeches
correspondence treaties