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CRIM 410: Senior Research Seminar: Experiments in Crime and Justice: Overview


This guide is designed for students in Criminology 410: Senior Research Seminar: Experiments in Crime and Justice. It provides resources for preparing a literature review in criminology, as well as an introduction to resources available on campus for data collection and analysis.

Resources to Compare

Steps for Researching Your Literature Review

  • Find lit reviews others have written on the same topic or similar.

    Don't reinvent the wheel if you don't have to. Finding a relevant literature review can lead to a trove of helpful citations. You can find this in a journal or a reference source.

  • Search an article database using the subject field and thesaurus.

    Most article databases have special features that help you with precise, effective searching.

  • Trace a citation backward and forward.

    The bibliography at the end of the article tells you whom the author cited. But the library provides databases that can also tell you who cited that author.

  • Keep track of what you've found.

    Citation management software simplifies the process of collecting citations and creating bibliographies.

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