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Digital Technology and Telecommunications: Historical Resources

Resources for Digital Technology, IT, and Telecommunications. Global resources are included

Technology: Historical Resources (Multimedia)

  • Value Line Investment Analyzer:

More than 300 data fields on each stock, for charting and graphing variables for comparative research, and up to 10 years of historical financial data. Available in Lippincott Library at Workstation #12 C.

  • Value Line Research Center (Historical):

CD-ROM Lippincott Workstation #12 C. Monthly, 1997 - 2003

MICROTEXT (1969 -- 2003) Filed alphabetically in Lippincott microtext file cabinets (ask at Lippincott Reference Desk)

Technology: Historical Resources (Print)

Telecommunications: Historical Resources (Multimedia)

Telecommunications: Historical Resources (Print)

Also, search in Franklin catalog for telephony.

Books & Periodicals

For books, periodicals, and other Penn Libraries materials, search in the Franklin catalog on these subjects: Computer Industry | Cyberspace | Digital Media | Electronic Commerce | Information Networks | Information Technology | Internet | Mobile computing | Social Media | Telecommunication | Wireless communication systems | World Wide Web

Also, try:

Electronic Business (1984-1993)

Electronic Business Buyer (1993-1995)

Electronic Business Today (1995-1997)

Electronic Business (electronic resource- 1989-April 2007)