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DMPTool for Data Management Plans: Data Repositories

This guide provide information and resources to assist researchers in data management planning process.

Directories of Data Repositories

Looking for a repository where you can store your research data?  The following directories may be helpful.

Primary Data Repositories

The following data repositories are frequently used by members of the Penn community for storing research data.  Some are general repositories and repository services; others store specific types of data.  If you have a suggestion for another repository to add to this list, please contact us!

Penn-Based Data Repositories

Logo image for ScholarlyCommons.

ScholarlyCommons is the institutional repository for the University of Pennsylvania.  As such, it houses the scholastic output of the Penn community and shares these works with a global audience. For more information, see the ScholarlyCommons Guide or email

The following boilerplate text can be used to describe ScholarlyCommons in your data management plan:

Data management for this project will be supported by ScholarlyCommons, the institutional repository for the University of Pennsylvania. ScholarlyCommons uses Digital Commons software, powered by bepress, in order to host, share, and disseminate the scholarly output of the Penn community with a global audience by providing a multi-tiered disaster recovery plan for all of its contents, full-text indexing in major search engines for maximized discoverability of content, and ongoing support through bepress and the Penn Libraries. The investigators will consult with the Penn Libraries to facilitate the ingestion of data into ScholarlyCommons and to ensure that appropriate descriptive metadata standards are in place for all datasets and their supplementary materials. The datasets will be published in ScholarlyCommons for long-term preservation, provided with unique, persistent URLs, and revised as needed.