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Data Management Plans: Launch DMPTool

This guide provide information and resources to assist researchers in data management planning process.


DMPTool is a resource researchers can use to draft data management plans that meet funding agency requirements.  It's formatted as a template to address specific aspects of managing research data including data types, ownership, description, preservation and sharing.  The tool prompts you with guidelines and questions specific to your funding agency, which will expedite drafting of plans.

Simply select your funding agency from the drop-down menu in the tool, fill in the text boxes in each section of the plan, export to rich text, and drop your completed plan in your grant proposal!  It is that easy!

Questions and Answers about Data Security

Q. Who owns the data management plans created with the DMPTool?

Q. What are the terms of use for the DMPTool?

Q. What is the privacy policy for the DMPTool?

Q. Where is my data management plan stored?

Q. What are the visibility options for my DMP?

Q. Will the California Digtial Library or the University of Pennsylvania share my information with anyone?

Q. What if I move to a new institution?

Q. Does Penn provide any policies or guidance for data protection and stewardship?

Much of the content here comes from the FAQ available for DMPTool available here: 

If you have questions about the security of your plans and data when using DMPTool, please contact the DMPTeam at

DMPTool Login Instructions

  1. Visit
  2. Choose "University of Pennsylvania" from the pull-down menu.
  3. Log in with your PennKey and PennKey password.

In order to successfully log on you must have an email address in the the Penn Directory. Check and update your listing using the directory management tools here: 

Need Help?

Check out the DMPTool Quick Start Guide at

Contact the Penn Libraries DMPTeam at

Sample Data Management Plans

DMPTool allows individual researchers to make their data management plans available as examples to researchers at their own institutions or to any DMPTool user. 

If you have a great data management plan that you'd like to share with other Penn researchers, you can indicate this by selecting the "institutional" option in the Visibility section of the overview of your plan.  Please note that, if you make your plan visible to others, they will be able to copy your plan and use it as a template.  

Have any questions? Contact us at