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Finance: Stocks

Guide to Financial Resources


Historical print resources

Bank and Quotation Record. 1928-1933, 1956-1988: HG 4501 B15 (Lippincott Library); 1934-1955: Bound with HG 1 C7 (Lippincott Library)

Daily Stock Price Record. Standard & Poor's. (Peck Collection, Lippincott Library)
NYSE: 1962-2006 HG 4915 I2
ASE: 1962-2006 HG 4571 I22
NASDAQ: 1968-2006 HG 4915 I6

National Stock Summary and Semi-Annual Stock Summary 1923-1996, 2002-2007: HG 4905 N34 (Peck Collection, Lippincott Library)

Security Owner's Stock Guide. S&P. 1943 - current: HG 4915 S67 (Peck Collection, Lippincott Library)

S&P Security Price Index Record. Daily, weekly, monthly.
1917-1918, 1923-1930: HG 4921 S736 (LIBRA Storage)
1940-1942, 1952-1976: HG 4921 S73 (Peck Collection, Lippincott Library)
1978-1988, 1992-2012 (biannual): HG 4921 S74B (Peck Collection. Lippincott Library)

Stock Values & Dividends for Tax Purposes. PA Edition. Including Pennsylvania tax status of bonds. 1946-1965, 1967-1971, 1973-1987, 1989-1994, 1996-1997: HG 4915 C623 (Lippincott Library)

Price Data