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Guide to Financial Resources

Company Data

Company identifier conversion

Look up a list of companies (or people) by name with the SPCIQ Identifier Converter.

  • Submit name (includes related and approximate matches), ticker*, CIQ-ID, ISIN*, or CUSIP (6, 8, or 9 digits)*
    * Companies lookup only
  • Return as many as five results per identifier for name, CIQ-ID, and more
    Edit results to return additional fields (e.g.: GVKEY; ISIN; CIK)


Download the template:

  1. Open Excel.S&P Capital IQ Excel ribbon menu and Get Templates interface
  2. From the menu ribbon, select S&P Capital IQ > (Data) Templates > Get/Update Templates.
  3. Expand and select SPCIQ Excel Plug-In Tools > SPCIQ Identifier Converter.xlsm.
  4. Download.

Run the converter:

  1. Select S&P Capital IQ > (Data) Templates > SPCIQ Excel Plug-In Tools > SPCIQ Identifier Converter to open the template.
  2. Enter one or more identifiers (one per row) under Search Item Input (column AH).
    Note: Start CUSIPs with ' to retain leading zeros.
  3. Search.

Adapt the converter to return other entity-level values:

  1. Run the converter as above.
  2. Unhide columns to the left of column AG.
  3. In the formulas (columns M through AF), replace each mention of a given IQ_... variable with your preferred CIQ variable (e.g.: IQ_GVKEY; IQ_ISIN; IQ_CIK).

Note: Do not Search again. The search button macro will reset your edited functions.

SPCIQ Identifier Converter showing a function in the process of conversion to a different identifier

Convert common company and/or security identifiers with WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services).

Explore the Linking Suite, search WRDS for converter or linking table, or start with highlights:

  • CUSIP: under Get Data > Compustat - Capital IQ > Tools > CUSIP Converter
    • Submit 8 or 9 digit CUSIP
    • Return 6, 8, or 9 digit CUSIP
  • CRSP/Compustat: under Get Data > CRSP > Annual Update > CRSP/Compustat Merged > Compustat CRSP Link; parallel tool under Quarterly Update; parallel tool under Monthly Update
    • Submit GVKEY, PERMNO, PERMCO, ticker, CUSIP, CIK, or industry classification
    • Return PERMNO, PERMCO, company name, ticker, CUSIP, CIK, and more
  • Exchange code: under Get Data > CRSP > Annual Update > Tools > Exchange Code Search; parallel tool under Quarterly Update
    • Submit stock exchange
    • Return PERMCO, CUSIP, ticker, company name, share code, and more
  • Historical Company Names of SEC Filers: under Get Data > SEC Analytics Suite by WRDS > SEC Linking Tables > Historical Company Names)
    • Submit ticker, CIK, GVKEY, or CUSIP
    • Return historical company name, ticker, GVKEY, CUSIP, and more
  • Court case (bankruptcy, civil, or criminal): under Get Data > Federal Judicial Center > WRDS Linking > FJC Compustat-CIK Link...
    • Submit docket number, case key (bankruptcy only), GVKEY, or CIK
    • Return docket number, case key (bankruptcy only), company name (civil only), GVKEY, or CIK, and more

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