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Food Studies: Call Numbers and Search Terms

Food in Culture and Other Subjects

Food – Cross Disciplinary

  • TX
  • GT2850-2955


  • GN: Anthropology
  • GN407: Social perceptions/interactions/culture of food, taboo
  • GN476: Anthropology of biodiversity, ethnobotany, etc.
  • GN635: Ethnobotany, general anthropology
  • GT3930: Feasts, festivals
  • GR: Folklore/Mythology
  • GR705–7300: Animal mythology
  • GR780–790: Plant mythology
  • BJ1801–2195: Social usages, etiquette
  • B105.C
  • GN409


  • NK8725: Dining depictions, tableware design

Food Establishments:

  • GT3770–3896: Pubs, taverns, inns
  • HF5417–5430: Shopping centers, (fair) trade
  • HF5469–5475: Supermarkets, grocers, markets/bazaars – Including history of
  • NK2195.R4: Designs for dining, restaurants, pubs, cafés


  • BM700–710, esp. 710: Judaism – rites and customs
  • BR115.N: Christianity and food
  • BS680.F6: Bible – food and diet


  • PN56:
    • B62 – Body, fatness, food in literature
    • F62 – Literary gastronomy
    • W5 – Alcohol, wine
  • PN1009.5.F66: Food in children’s literature
  • PN1995.9: Food in film
  • PN6071: Food in literature, writings on food
  • PQ145.1, esp. C35 (Cannibals) and G35 (General): French writings on food


  • GT5810–5905
  • SK


  • BL65
  • B105.F

Industry and Agriculture


  • HF6161: Advertising, including alcohol and nutrition
  • HQ784.T4: TV/advertising and children


  • S: Agriculture – General, conservation, soil, water
  • S1-26: General agriculture, journals, agriculture and the environment
  • HD1401–2210: Agriculture
  • K3871–3874: Regulation of agriculture, agriculture law
  • KF1682–1724: Agriculture regulation, land, standards
  • GF: Environment, global change, climate change
  • HD9000–9495: food sustainability, food crisis, agriculture, famine, food security, world food problem, food supply, food industry
  • SB187–401: Crops - Individual types
  • SB601–998: Disease, field crops, peats, management
  • TP375–422: Sugar
  • TP670–683: Oils
  • TP248: Biotechnology – Food crops, genetically engineered foods
  • TP369–371.2: Food science and technology
  • TP374: Food packaging
  • TP451: Bread technology
  • TP453: Food stabilizers, protein foods
  • TP482–494: Refrigeration
  • SH1–351: Fishing industry, fisheries
  • SH365–380: Crustacean farming
  • TP368: Food processing and manufacturing
  • TS1950–1982: Slaughterhouses, meat and poultry inspection
  • TS2130–2135: Cereals and grains, milling industry
  • QL85: Zoology
  • HV4701–4943: Protection of animals, animal rights, animal welfare
  • B105.A: Animals, psychology and philosophy on
  • SF: Animals, husbandry, livestock, products – Individual types
  • SF745: Veterinary medicine

Drinks, Drinking:

  • GT2860–2919: Drinking, drinks
    •  GT2860–2890: Drinking, alcohol
    •  GT2900–2919: Tea, coffee
  • TP503-660: Drinks
    •  TP503–559: Drinks, wine
    • TP568–583: Beer
    • TP587–630: Liquor
    • TP640: Chocolate
    •  TP645: Coffee
    • TP659: Soft drinks
    •  TP660: Bottling

Food Crises:

  • HV610–699: Food Crisis
    • HV610: Floods
    • HV626: Drought
    • HV630: Food security
    • HV696: Food and crisis, famine, hunger, food stamps – Relief
  • HC79.F: Famine, hunger, history
  • QP139: Hunger
  • RA645N: Malnutrition/Hunger
  • TD365.5: Water resources, pollution, pesticides
  • RA601–5: Food safety


  • GB661–791: Hydrology, water
  • RA591–599: Water, water safety

Science and Nutrition


  • RC552A–E: Eating Disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia, Eating disorders
  • RC620: Food-related illness/disease (i.e. scurvy, etc.), malnutrition
  • RJ399: Diseases of children and adolescents: Childhood obesity/nutritional disorders
  • RC143: Foodborne illnesses – History
  • HV5001–5720.5
  • RC565
  • RA645O: Obesity
  • RC552O: Fatness/Obesity, body image
  • RA1242: Poisons, Tobacco smoke
  • RA1258: Toxicity of foods
  • RA1270: Pesticides


  • RA784: Nutrition, general
  • KF27: School lunch programs
  • LB3475–3479: Child nutrition/nutrition standards in schools
  • QP141–144: Nutrition – History of nutrition, food production/consumption
  • RJ206–235: Infant nutrition, breastfeeding
  • KF26.5.N8: Laws on foods, food nutrition
  • RM214-256: Diet therapy, dietary cookbooks, weight loss, vegetarianism


  • QP147: Eating, drinking, digestion
  • QP151: Stomach – anatomy, function
  • QP171: Metabolism
  • QP456–458: Smell, taste; perception of
  • QP801: Vitamins, drugs (marijuana, cocaine), minerals, alcohol
  • QR115–161: Microbiology of food
  • R131C–D: Greek medicine – History
  • R138: Greek and Roman medicine – History
  • R152: American folk medicine
  • RM300: Pharmacology, including ancient Greek recipes/Pharm.
  • RM666 H33: Herbal remedies – History, culture
  • RS81: Ancient drugs/Medicine
  • RS160–164: Pharmacy and Materia medica – Medicinal plants; also myth/folklore, history of
  • RS180: Materia medica of different countries
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