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Google Scholar: Overview

Why Use Google Scholar?

Google Scholar searches across journal articles, dissertations, books, and working papers, from academic publishers as well as university websites. It includes scholarly sources from all disciplines and languages, and has a greater coverage of unpublished material like working papers compared to other databases. In step, it allows you to search across popular databases like JSTOR, PubMed, HeinOnline, and others.

Google Scholar through Penn Libraries

There are two different ways to set up Google Scholar to search for full text content that you should have access to because of your Penn affiliation. When you search Google Scholar on campus, you are automatically authenticated and can view full text resources right away. When off campus, use one of these methods to validate your Penn credentials. The first uses your PennKey to authenticate you; the second uses your Google account.

Google Scholar on the Penn Libraries website

Use the FindIt box at the top of any library webpage to search for "Google Scholar."

On the results screen, choose Google Scholar under the Databases & Article Indexes section. You will be sent to a PennKey login screen.

Google Scholar "Library Links"

By validating your Penn credentials and connecting to your Google account, you can view licensed resources any time you are logged into your Google account (on or off campus).

Visit Google Scholar and choose Settings from the menu across the top right.

On the left sidebar, choose Library links.

Search for "University of Pennsylvania" in the library access links search box. Make sure to choose the PennText option.

You will then be prompted to log in with your Pennkey.