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Muslim, Christian & Jewish Relations in the Middle East

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Research Guides In Middle East Studies

  • Americans in the Middle East - Political Science 298: Course Guide
  • Anthropology and the Modern World: Iraq in Perspective - Anthropology 100-401: Course Guide
    Researching topics on the modern ethnography, history and political situation of Iraq and its people, especially in the Penn Library. This guide describes finding aids, useful reference works, and some web portals for discovering information on Iraq.
  • Early Egyptian Newspapers and Periodicals at Penn
    A list of titles and holdings for pre-1919 Egyptian serials and newspapers held at Penn Libraries.
    Newspapers and serials from Egypt prior to the 1919 Revolution are a highlight of the Middle East Collection at the Penn Library. These include newspapers, literary journals, medical journals, publications of the then-just-founded Egyptian Museum, publications of Christian and Muslim organizations. They cover topics of interest for research on Egyptian society and culture of this period.
  • History of the Middle East
    A selective bibliography lists resources useful for the study of the Middle East.
  • Iraqi Periodicals at Penn
    A summary listing of periodicals published in Iraq and held by the Penn Library. These include a number of important cultural and academic journals.
  • Middle East / North Africa (MENA) Business
    Resource guide for Middle East, North Africa business sources.
    MENA comprises the Arab states of Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, the Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen, plus the Islamic State of Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Pakistan, the West Bank and Gaza.
  • Ottoman Turkish Serials at Penn
    A list of Ottoman Turkish newspapers and periodicals held at the Penn Library
    Until 1928, the Turkish Language was written using the Arabic-based script and is known commonly as Ottoman Turkish. From this era, the Penn Library is fortunate in having a number of serial titles that are important for researchers of 18th and 19th century Turkish history and culture.
  • Reference Sources for Sephardic & Middle Eastern Jewish Studies
    Abstract: Some of the main reference sources for Sephardic studies in the broader sense, namely, covering issues related not only to the Jews of the Iberian peninsula and their descendants, but also to those of the Middle East and North Africa for the same period of time, are described. The categories covered are: Sepharad and Sephardic culture, the Sephardic diaspora, catalogs of special collections, and subject catalogs. Rachel Simon Princeton University Princeton, NJ

Research Guides In Religious Studies

  • Christianity
    An annotated list of library catalogs, guides to the literature, and bibliographies
  • Islam
    A bibliography of use to students studying Islam, the history of Islam, and the history of the Middle East in general.
  • Judaic Studies
    A survey of the variety of Judaic information sources available at Penn. This guide covers resources at Penn as well as links to resources found via the Center for Advanced Judaic Studies Library
    One aim of this research guide is to highlight less obvious finding tools and discuss how to develop strategies for finding the specific information you need as efficiently as possible.
  • Reference Tools for Religious Studies
  • Finding Book Reviews in Religious Studies