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Data-Driven Research Training Hub


On-Demand Tutorials

Recorded Workshops & Tutorials

Getting Data

Creating a Dataset: DIY Data and Building a Dataset from the Ground Up by Cassandra Hradil

Scraping Open Data from the Web with Beautiful Soup by Jajwalya Karajgikar


Working with Data: Computational Text Analysis and Text Mining

Text Mining at Penn Libraries by Jajwalya Karajgikar

Analyzing and Visualizing Text with Constellate and ProQuest TDM Studio by Emily Esten

Digital Research Tools for Text Mining & Mapping by Scott Enderle

Datasets for Text Mining by Scott Enderle

Topic Modeling Tool Quick Start Guide by Scott Enderle

Topic Modeling with Lexis Nexis Data by Scott Enderle


Working with Data: Data Management, Reproducibility, and Literacy

DMPTool for Data Management Plans by Lauren Phegley

Data Wrangling with Data Refine by Emily Esten

Harness the Power of Google Sheets by Emily Esten

Data Management Resources by Lauren Phegley

Planning for Your Data: Organization and Storage Tips by Margaret Janz

Creating Inclusive Surveys by Margaret Janz

Data Literacy and Reproducibility with R by Jajwalya Karajgikar

Looking for more Data Management Support? Check out our Data Management Resource page.


Working with Data: Mapping and GIS

Visualizing Space: Mapping with Leaflet by Cassandra Hradil

Visualizing Space with ArcGIS and QGIS by Girmaye Misgna

Learn to create a Geo-Heat Map by Girmaye Misgna

Looking for more ArcGIS and Mapping? Check out our Data & GIS page.


Telling Stories with Data: Creating Interactive Data Visualizations

Creating Interactive Web Visualizations with D3 by Cassandra Hradil

Interactive Web Visualization with R Shiny by Jajwalya Karajgikar

Interactive Web Visualization with Tableau by Emily Esten

Network Visualization with R by Jajwalya Karajgikar


Telling Stories with Data: Exhibits and Story Maps

Digital Exhibits with Omeka by Emily Esten

Mukurtu CMS by Jennifer Garcon

Digital Storytelling with Timelines and StoryMaps by Jennifer Garcon

Get Started with ArcGIS StoryMaps by Girmaye Misgna


Digital Research Workflow

Command Line Basics by Sasha Renniger and Scott Enderle (see Command Line Resources in GitHub)

Basics of Versioning with Git by Sasha Renniger and Scott Enderle (see Git Resources in GitHub)

Simplify Your Archival Research Workflow by Jennifer Garcon

LaTeX Fundamentals by our Science and Digital Initiatives Librarian, Lauren Gala


Research Communication

You Do What Now? Explaining your research to non-specialists by Margaret Janz

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