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Classical Mythology: Overview

Books, journal articles, primary resources, and databases

Books newly added to the Penn Collections

Or search the catalog directly in Franklin (online catalog for the Libraries' collections):

subject keywords: (Greek OR Roman) AND mythology

for a narrower (though still  broad) search-- add: AND (hesiod OR homer OR Virgil OR Vergil OR gods)

Try a similar search in articles+  (focus on journal articles, book reviews, book chapters)

mythology AND (Greek OR Roman) AND (hesiod OR homer OR virgil OR vergil OR gods)

(limited to scholarly and peer review, journal articles, subject term: classics)


Search terms, LC Subject Headings, Descriptors

Mythology, Classical

  • add terms such as
  • drama, fiction, historiography, history, art, dictionaries, encyclopedias, opera, poetry, etc.

Mythology, Greek and Mythology, Roman--adding names of characters

  • Jason, Medea, or Achilles and terms as above to your search

Other  terms to pair with Greek or Roman, Greece or Rome:

  • Legends
  • Gods
  • oracles
  • divination
  • religion
  • cult
  • shrines
  • temples

Or search by specific authors 

  • Homer
  • Hesiod
  • Euripides
  • Ovid
  • and more ...

Subject Guide

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Web Sites, Special Resources

Companions to Homer and Virgil (or Vergil)

Companions exist for most topics across ancient studies (literature, history, sociology, economics, women, families, and so on). You can find some of these listed in the first column of this guide and more at the primary guide for Classical Studies

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