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Spanish Speakers 2000


This guide provides links to some of the most useful resources in the humanities and the social sciences for researching Latino culture, literature, history, and political and social conditions in the United States. It is not comprehensive, but intends to point the user to the complete array of materials held at or through Penn, as well as available in the wider world.  Use the tabs to navigate through the pages of this guide. Consider most of the information listed here as entry points for your research. Listed below are guides more ambitious than this one, which together come closer to covering the range of existing resources. They are among the best of dozens of Latino (as well as Chicano, Dominican, Puerto Rican, etc.) Studies guides produced by academic librarians. Keep in mind that they sometimes link to materials available only to students of the institution that produced the guide. Check to see if the resource is available through the main Penn library webpage if not in this guide. If you wish to recommend other guides or resources or features that we might incorporate into this guide, please contact me via the email or telephone listed to the right. Suggestions are always welcome. Thanks.


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