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Web of Science- ISI citation indexes: Limiters


Web of Science Catagories

The Web of Science Categories will change every time depending on the initial search criteria. The first 100 web of science categories are shown, by record count. These can be further analyzed by Categories to understand the most relevant categories for the search terms. 

Authors/Group Authors/Editors

Authors, Group Authors, and Editors are simply the top 100 results for each. These can be refined by analyzes or by any other limiters.

Authors are individuals, this search includes first, second, third, or other listed authors.

Group Authors, are often universities, lab groups, or companies.

Editors are ultimately responsible for what is included in an article or paper but they are not the original writer. 

Organizations / Funding Agencies

The publishing organization and funding agencies are important to understand the legitimacy of an article or study. Only use resources from trustworthy agencies. 

Document Types

The Web of Science considers many different document types. By selecting what the research is interested in the results can be limited to one or many of the possible choices below. 

Source Titles/ Book Series Titles

Source titles are used in MARC record creation and rarely used by anyone outside librarian technical departments. If you would like to search by source title please ask for assistance.   

Book Series Titles are the series name for published and bound books, these are often "The Annual Review of ________"

Languages/ Countries

Languages and counties are self explanatory. While languages are only useful to find information you can read easily counties can be useful for finding information from different perspectives. 

Research areas

Research areas like Web of Science Categories will change every time depending on the original search terms. The first 100 by record count are shown. Like with categories, it is possible to analyze these results further to understand the most common or most relevant areas of study. 

The Difference between the Categories and Research Areas is how that categories are typically a single word and concept but Research Areas are more complex. 

for example;

Research Areas                              WOS Catagories

Biochem Molecular Bio   --> Biochem & Molecular Bio,

                                            Biochem Research Methods


Publication years

Publication years are self explanatory, they are organized by the most prolific to the least and multiple years can be selected to create a time range. 

Open Access

Open access articles are free of all restrictions on access and free of many restrictions on use, e.g. copyright. Open access can be applied to all forms of published research output, including peer-reviewed and non peer-reviewed academic journal articles, conference papers, theses, etc.