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Web of Science- ISI citation indexes: My Tools

Saved Searches and Alerts

To access the Saved searches feature of Web of Science begin by signing in

  • Receive e-mail alerts of the latest documents which result from running your search query.
  • Receive RSS feeds of the latest documents which result from running your search query.
  • Access your saved searches from any computer at the institution.
  • Run saved searches directly from the Web of ScienceTM home page.

Upload a previous search

  • To save a search
  • Find the article you are interested in
  • Use the options at the top of the page to choose the program you would like to use to save the article


  • Choose what you would like to save; full text, abstract, citation, etc. 
  • To access previously saved articles, go to my tools, saved searches and alerts


Using Endnote and the Web of Science database.

1. Sign in or register for an Endnote profile

2. Use the "collect" option at the top of the page to find articles of interest

3. Choose database or library catalog connection to search online, or add references by typing them in, or import reference from the Endnote program. 

4. Select the relevant articles by checking the boxes on the side


5. Save Articles to group 

6. Access your saved materials at any time using the tool bar on the left


Research ID is only for authors of published papers. 

It is intended as a solution to the problem of authors having the same or similar names, causing ambiguity.
Reseacher ID is used to "claim" articles and publications and find collaborations. 

For Quick Questions and Answers please follow the link. 

For a tutorial on using Researcher ID please follow the link.