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Italian Americans on Screen: MPAA Production Code Files

Italian Americans on Screen

Collage of stills from movies

MPAA Records of Censorship

MPAA logo 1930  Image result for MPAA logo 1930  Time magazine cover

Production Code message, the MPAA logo circa 1950, and Howard Hays on the cover of Time.

Hollywood, Moral Censorship, and the Motion Picture Production Code, 1927-1968 

Digital archive of MPAA Production Code Administration Files covering self-regulation and censorship in the motion picture industry. Consists of correspondence by letter and telegram, with internal MPAA documents.

Some films experienced more censorship than others from state boards, so the size of the dossiers on particular films will vary.

To find the file for a particular film, search by film title.


Inter-Office Memo to Mr. McKenzie from Mr. Hays. Date: Oct. 29, 1931

I talked to Commissioner Mulrooney. He says, "That picture is a gangster picture and nothing else. The gangster is glorified up to the very last minute. Then he has a physical collapse. He gets everything he wants. It is a bad picture. I could not be mixed up with it at all."

Scarface 1932 poster  public enemy poster  Little Caesar movie poster  Marty 1955 poster

Letter from Warner Bros. explaining "Little Caesar" ban in British ColumbiaLetter regarding the censorship of "Gangster Notes"


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