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Overhead scanners at The Penn Libraries

A large-format scanner is an imaging system capable of digitizing over-sized materials. Over-sized material is usually considered to be anything larger than 8.5” x 11” (A4) and can include maps, blueprints, manuscripts, etc

Where to find an Overhead Scanner (Zeta) in the Penn Libraries

How to use the Zeutschel Book Scanner

  1. If prompted, select I AGREE to the copyright statement
  2. Select desired location for file:
    • To scan and send via e-mail: click the square button next to “Save to USB (Review before Saving)” This option allows you to choose where to send the file after you have finished scanning.
    • To scan to USB: click the square button next to the 2nd option “Save to USB.” You will then be prompted to select your file format (.pdf, .tif, .jpeg) and file name.
  3. Place item on the scanner platform so that the bottom edge of the item aligns with the platform’s edge that is closest to you. The top corners of the item must fall between the gray lines on the platform surface. If the item is a normal-sized book, place the spine on the hinge in the center of the scanning platform.
  4. Choose whether you are scanning a Book, Magazine, or Simple item, or leave as Auto-detect. Choose whether you prefer to scan Split (scanning pages on either side of the platform hinge simultaneously but splitting in half to create two separate images), Left (scanning only what lies to the left of the central hinge), Right (only what lies to the right of the central hinge), or Full (creating one image of two facing pages).
  5. The default settings are to auto-detect what the item is and scan as Black & White Text at 300dpi. To change these settings, click on Settings at the bottom of the screen. Scanning as Grayscale and Color are available, as well as resolutions up to 600dpi, but be aware that the scanning will take longer and will create a larger file.
  6. After you are satisfied with the settings, click the green Scan button in the lower left corner.
  7. After each scan appears, adjust the red box with your fingers to be sure that the scan captures everything that you need in the image. Then, hit Add on the lower right to send the image to the Shopping Cart. Alternatively, you can turn the page and click Scan again, which will send the image automatically to the Cart.
  8. When you are finished scanning, be sure to Add your last images to the Cart, then hit Open in order to review all images in the Shopping Cart. Use Delete to remove an individual image; do not use Clear because this will delete all images in your Cart.
  9. When you are satisfied, hit Save or Email, and follow instructions.

* Important Caveat: If you started the process by selecting “Save to USB (Review before Scanning),” which will give you the option to e-mail, do not use Save, because we have found that this option does not always work. If you want to use a USB, start the process with the 2nd option “Save to USB.”*

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