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Digital Archives: Platform Overview


Excellent for: Popular magazines and trade literature; online articles and citations to magazine and journal articles published from 1900-1980.
Good for: Scholarly articles in all subjects


Excellent for:18th through 20th century English language newspapers and magazines; social science articles; economics and business; dissertations

Good for: Fine Arts, Videos, Women's Studies

Gale Primary Sources

Excellent for: 17th-20th century British Newspapers; 18th century England language books, History of Gender and Sexuality; Economic History; 19th century cultural history; Legal publications; U.S. Civil Rights; 20th century foreign relations

Good for: Primary Sources, 18th-20th centuries.

Proquest History Vault

Excellent for: Primary Sources relating to Civil Rights, African American organizations and U.S. International Relations

Adam Matthew Explorer

Excellent for: Primary sources, including British relations with its colonies and 20th century foreign relations, British Medieval culture, British drama, commodities and marketing, World War I



Alexander Street Press Platform Search

Excellent for: Streaming video, streaming music, television news and newsreels

Cambridge Core

Excellent for: Overviews, bibliographies, reference, review essays

Tip: After you run a search use the "Collections" filter in the bottom left corner to limit to Histories and Companions.

Readex All-Search

Excellent for: Pre-1819 American books; 18th and 19th century U.S. newspapers; mid- to late-20th century international news in translation

Good for: 18th-20th century newspapers from the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and South Asia

Oxford Index

Excellent for: Overviews, bibliographies, reference

Tip: After search check the "Show only full text provided by the University of Pennsylvania" box.


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