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EESC 5200-695 Aqueous Geochemistry: Top 10 Services/Resources for Grad Students

Top Ten Library Services/Resources Every Graduate Student Should Know About

In no particular order: 

1. Lean Library- access journal article seamlessly from home or off-campus

2. Poster Printing/3D printing- all 3D prints for academic or research purposes are free. 

3. Browzine- Table of Contents alerting service with easy to use interface. Mobile app available, too!

4. Citation Managers- The library offers access to several popular citations managers. Find one you like and get to know it!

5. BorrowDirect/EZBorrow-request books owned by other libraries!

6. Remote Desktop software-The Remote Desktop Lab (rdp-lab) provides access to on campus lab computers.  This allows access to software that can't be installed on virtual lab computers including Adobe Creative Cloud applications like Adobe Photoshop and nVivo.

7. vLab (Virtual Lab)- Access software such at ArcGIS, R, R Studio not available via Remote Desktop.

8. Tech Center- having issues downloading software, issues with your technology? Visit or email the Tech Center on the ground floor of Van Pelt Library.

9. Weingarten Learning Center-located in Van Pelt, provides instruction on academic reading, writing, study strategies and time management. 

10. Workshops- GIS+mapping software, Data Visualization, Data Management and more. For more classes follow the link. 


And to make it an even dozen!

11. Overleaf-collaborative cloud-based LaTeX editor used for writing, editing and publishing scientific documents. 

12. Research Data Management- the library can help you organize, manage, document and share your research data. 


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