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Using Electronic Resources

Easy Off-Campus Access with Lean Library

The LibKey Nomad [link] browser extension from Third Iron allows you to easily access Penn Libraries' licensed content from your laptop or desktop computer when off-campus.  Once installed, when you land on content licensed by Penn Libraries, links to the full-text version of that publication will appear on the page.  

Depending on the access version available 

You will then be prompted to login in with your PennKey and password.  Once you have logged in, access to additional publications should be seamless. 

Content not licensed:  For content that the Penn Libraries does not license, the extension will also automatically use an available Digital Object Identifier (DOI)  to check unpaywall for a free, open-access versions.  (See more on unpaywall sources).


Also when appropriate, a pop-up will appear that guides you to make an Interlibrary loan request through the Penn Libraries, if you wish.



Search engine integrations:  When you use Google Scholar or PubMed, Lean Library will  enable direct PennText links in the search results.  Through the PennText links, you can check for access to electronic and print holdings.

Installing Lean Library Access

To use Lean Library Access, all you have to do is add the extension to your favorite browser.  These browsers are supported:  Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera.  Note: Lean Library tests their new releases against the latest versions of these browsers. The extension for Opera needs to be manually updated; for other browsers the update process is automatic. Please note that the Lean Library extension does not support mobile devices.

1. Download

Go to

Click the Download button that displays for the browser you are using.  Read the Privacy Policy.


2. Grant permission


3. Select University of Pennsylvania

If you are affiliated with multiple institutions that subscribe to Library Access, you can select more than one library listed in the pull down menu.

4. Pop-up choice

Choose whether or not to skip pop-ups when accessing licensed materials.  As the Library may provide customized information in the pop-up, we recommend leaving the box unchecked.  

5.  Save Settings

Click Save. You will  see this confirmation message and you are ready to use Library Access.