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Using Electronic Resources

Google Scholar - Library Link, PennText Setting, and Browser Button

Google Scholar allows you to link directly to Penn Libraries subscription content. Below are three ways to do this.

1. Library Supplied Link to Google Scholar

The library supplied link to Google Scholar will authenticate you as being affiliated with Penn. This link is provided within the databases portion of the Franklin Search screen.:


During busy times of the semester Google Scholar may interpreting users coming to Google Scholar through the library as bots. If this occurs, access Google Scholar directly but set up links to PennText as described below.

2. Google Scholar Settings to add PennText links

Go to Google Scholar at:

Click      >    Click     >     Choose  

Search:  University of Pennsylvania

Click Search, Check off University of Pennsylvania in the search results, Click Save.  Links to PennText will appear in your search results.

3. Add the Google Scholar Browser Button

The Google Scholar Button is a browser extension that allows you to search Google Scholar from any web page, find full text either on the web or at the Penn Libraries, and format references in widely used citation styles. The button works with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  To install, connect to Google Scholar, then:

1. Click      >    Click     >     Choose 


2.   Click Install 


3. The button will appear in your browser.

Using the Google Scholar Button

 When on a webpage, highlight a title of interest. 

Click the button

A pop-up window will display.  Click the quotes to see citation formats.  Note the full-text options at the bottom of the window.