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Using Electronic Resources

PennText links citations to full-text options

From Subscription Databases

When using many of the Penn Libraries abstract and indexing databases, you will see a PennText icon Penn Text icon next to references in your search results.  Click this to go to the PennText services page (see below) to check for full-text and/or print availability, and access request options.  See also: PennText with Google Scholar.

Clicking the PennText icon


Links from Franklin Articles+

Franklin Articles+, a large multidisciplinary database offering access to many resources, provides paths to full-text differently.  From the search results page, note these availability indicators:

Full Text Online 

  • The link may take you directly to full-text.
  • If the link does not go directly to the full-text, you may get sent to
    • 1) The main journal page or index of issues and need to navigate to the desired issue or
    • 2) The PennText Services page (see below), which provides links to full-text options if available, information on print availability, and request options.

Citation Online button

Clicking the PennText button

  • This link take you to a citation page. Next click on the PennText icon in the upper right corner to go to the Services page.


PennText Services Page - Options you will encounter

1) Full-text availability:  When full-text is available AND you are not taken directly to it, you will see an intermediate page, call the PennText Services page.  On this page, when full-text options are available, links will display under the "View Online" menu in the center of the page.

Arrows pointing to the Full-Text Options and the View Online

  • Sometimes there is more than one publisher where the article is available. Check the dates and choose anyone which falls within your date range.

Arrows Pointing to where to find the different publishers and date ranges


2) No online access: Login and request a scan

Screenshot of login to request a scan - arrow pointing to where to login

  • Order articles using the Request Digital Delivery option

Arrow point to the Digital Delivery option











  • Much of the information should carry over to the request page. If the ISSN (under author name on PennText page) does not carry over, add it manually for potentially faster delivery. Don't forget to submit the request!

Image of the Submission Request Form


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