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Using Electronic Resources

PennText links citations to full-text options

From Subscription Databases

When using many of the Penn Libraries abstract and indexing databases, you will see a PennText icon next to references in your search results.  Click this to go to the PennText services page (see below) to check for full-text and/or print availability, and access request options.  See also: PennText with Google Scholar.

Links from Franklin Articles+

Franklin Articles+, a large multidisciplinary database offering access to many resources, provides paths to full-text differently.  From the search results page, note these availability indicators:


  • The link may take you directly to full-text.
  • If the link does not go directly to the full-text, you may get sent to
    • 1) The main journal page or index of issues and need to navigate to the desired issue or
    • 2) The PennText Services page (see below), which provides links to full-text options if available, information on print availability, and request options.


  • This link take you to a citation page. Next click on the PennText icon in the upper right corner to go to the Services page.

PennText Services Page - Options you will encounter

1) Full-text availability:  When full-text is available AND you are not taken directly to it, you will see an intermediate page, call the PennText Services page.  On this page, when full-text options are available, links will display under the "View Online" menu in the center of the page.