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Using Electronic Resources

Three Browser-related Steps that Resolve Many Problems

Try a different browser

Some resources may work differently with different browsers and some errors can be resolved by trying another browser. 

Links: Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox | Microsoft Edge | Opera | Safari |

Update your browser

Some resources may not support older versions of a browser. Use to check your browser version.


Platform-specific browser requirements:


Delete history, cookies, and cache


Clearing the search history, cookies, and cache stored in your web browser can resolve some problems and often allow browsers to work more efficiently.

  • Google Chrome - 3 vertical dots in Google Chrome toolbar > More Tools > Clear Browsing Data ... > Check Browsing history / Cookies and other site data > Clear All.
  • Microsoft Edge - 3 horizontal dots in MIcrosoft Edge Settings  > Settings > Clear browsing data > Choose what to clear > Cookies... & Cached data...
  • Mozilla Firefox - Firebox Library icon  Library > History > Clear recent history  > Check Cookies / Cache / History >  Clear Now
  • Internet Explorer -Internet Explorer internet options icon > Internet Options > Privacy tab > Settings > Advanced > Cookies
  • Safari -  History > Clear History  // Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data > Remove or Remove All

If you prefer not to clear cookies, try your browser in Incognito/Private mode, as this may also solve some problems.

If you continue to experience problems after reading our troubleshooting help, please complete this E-Resource Problem Report Form.