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Finding + Using Images


Browsing books is a great way to get inspired and find images. Get started by learning call numbers and subjects in fine arts and design housed in the Fisher Fine Arts Library.

When browsing Franklin, look at the Format/Description note; "ill" stands for illustrated and "col" means color images. In this example, the book is mostly (chiefly) illustrated with some of the images in color.


Library of Congress call numbers are arranged alphabetically. After reading the first letter or letters (such as N or NA), books are arranged by number.

  • The numbers following the letter(s) are read as whole numbers (123 is one hundred and twenty-three).
  • Then, another letter arranged alphabetically is followed by a number read as a decimal (such as A3113 comes before A4 because 0.3113 is smaller than 0.4).
  • The last four-digit number, if there is one, is the date of publication.