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Finding + Using Images

logo for Artstor

Artstor provides subscribers with access to the Images for Academic Publishing (IAP) program, high resolution TIFF files free to use in scholarly publication. Find out more on their Images for Publication guide.

  • Access Artstor (PennKey login).
  • Keyword search iap:true AND [insert your keyword].
  • In the results, you will see IAP noted below the thumbnail.
  • Select an image and on the image record page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Request IAP.
  • Complete the request form. Artstor Support will be in touch!

"Copyright" public domain logo

A work is considered within the public domain if it does not have, or no longer has, copyright protections. For example, if the copyright has expired or the owner has "dedicated" the work, it is generally in the public domain. You do not need permission to copy or use public domain works.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons (CC) licenses provide creators with a "way to grant the public permission to use their creative work under copyright law." Use these recommended resources to learn more about use and attribution of images with a CC license.